Best Mouse For Valorant

Before starting our recommendations for “Best Mouse For Valorant“, here’s a quick info about the Valorant video game. Valorant is a tactical multiplayer online first-person shooter video game available free to play (you can download it from the Official Valorant Page), created by Riot Games set to rival the industry-leading FPS titles like Overwatch, COD Warzone and CS-GO.

Valorant Game PC FPS Valorant is a character based shooting game, which means that the character or the agent that the player chooses will have a large impact on the game. Each of the Valorant characters have unique special abilities which makes it more interesting. Moreover, The Valorant gameplay mechanics are totally inspired by Counter Strike but with some extra shenanigans. It has grown and retained a very large community in a very small time as compared to the games that were launched with it. One of them is Hyper Scape from Ubisoft.

GameHub Team FPS Gaming We had a team of CS-GO at GameHub who switched to Valorant, And quickly after trying this game for a few days of fun, we figured out that regular mouse with primary buttons won’t be good with Valorant. Like CSGO, It needs a responsive and high DPI mouse for better aim and reflexes to land perfect combos of spells in a competitive match. Therefore, after
some research and surveys, I am sharing with you the reviews from my team and some other players along with the tips to improve in Valorant, and hopefully you will find this information valuable.

Best Mouse For Valorant Used By Pro Players

The mouse that has been dominating the pro scene is Logitech G Pro X Super Light. Currently this mouse is everywhere including Zeek, BONECOLD, starxo who are the top Pro players of Valorant. Moreover, G Pro X super light was with seven of the ten players involved in last year’s Valorant Champions grand final.

Logitech G Pro X Super Light

So why does the G Pro X Super Light dominate? Well it’s an incredibly light mouse weighing in at a measly 61 grams. It uses Logitech’s lightspeed technology which makes it one the most responsive gaming mouse.
Statistically speaking, G Pro X is the best gaming mouse on the market which is backed up by the sheer amount of Pros using it right now.

Best FPS Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse for Valorant It has a very universal shape, allowing it a comfortable fit for claw grips, palm grips, fingertips grips and whatever anyone calls his grip. The Scroll-Wheel is undoubtedly better than in any gaming mouse so far, in my personal opinion. The Clicks of this super light mouse feels incredibly sharp and fast with extremely minimal pre-travel and post-travel which is most important.

It has only one tiny led which shows the battery level followed by the dpi level, and there is no button to change dpi level on the mouse to keep the weight super light. Changing the dpi needs Logitech’s G-Hub software or you can assign the buttons on the left side to do that. And despite the huge weight reductions, G Pro X Superlight still manages to feel like a very high quality balanced mouse with even weight distribution.

Gaming Mouse Skates

One other thing which makes this mouse stand out from its top competitors is the skates at the bottom. The skates on the G Pro X superlight are easily on par with some of the best aftermarket skates mostly used. With an absolutely
huge surface area of zero additive PTFE This mouse deserves a big thumbs-up.

Top Best Budget Gaming Mouse

These selected gaming mice are at the top of the gaming gadgets and used by most Valorant Pro Gamers. They are lightweight, have comfortable grip, suitable size for hand, and have many extra keys to configure. Moreover, these are the best budget gaming mouse so far when looking for the best mouse for Valorant for yourself.

Razer Viper V2 Pro

Best Gaming Mouse

On May 10th 2022, Razer released their newest installment in the Viper series. Viper V2 Pro seemingly has it all, A beloved shape continuing on from the old Viper mice and an insanely lightweight weight of just 58 grams making it one
of the lightest wireless mice available. Since its release, Some of the Pros are already adopting this mouse including Doma and Marv being pictured using it for Valorant.
The fairly neutral shape allows for an array of different grip styles to feel comfortable with it and perhaps more and more players will start using it because of that. This mouse surely ticks all the boxes of what a professional gaming mouse should be.

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired

Best Budget Gaming Mouse

This is a Utech Smart Venus laser precision gaming mouse. At first glance it’s very apparent that this mouse takes its looks from the very popular Razer Naga But what’s not here is the high price as this mouse comes in at a very affordable price tag at Amazon.

It comes with 19 customizable buttons and has 16,400 DPI. Moreover, it comes with these modular weights that you can put in the bottom of it to increase the weight. A heavier mouse on the bottom or on the front or on the sides gives you real control. Which is good!

Logitech G502

Logitech Gaming Mouse

The 2018 release logitech G502 hero is one of Logitech’s most popular mouse and one of my personal favorite mouse of all time. The cable of this model is a redesigned thinner braided cable, which is going to aim to prevent any sort of kinking in the cables. This Gaming mouse comes in at 125 Grams which is pretty light for a mouse.

It’s a more aggressive looking gamer mouse, for 5.17 inches long, by 2.69 inches wide, and sits 1.62 inches Tall. And one thing about a good gaming mouse which is different from all other gaming peripherals should be its variety of customizations to suit your hand placement and sensitivity and Logitech G502 has all the things you look for in a gaming mouse.

BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best RGB Gaming Mouse

The BENGOO KM-1 wireless gaming mouse, this mouse comes in at a very cheap price and claims to be a lightweight honeycomb design. That’s good enough for gaming! A very short micro usb cable to recharge the battery. So, no type c cable on this one. But at this cheap price tag, it’s sort of expected.

Moreover, the mouse does only come in this black color. although it does have RGB lighting. The actual feel of the mouse is solid Enough, it does have that sort of expected cheap plastic feel but once again with the reasonable rate, it’s not a major complaint and it does actually fit in the hand surprisingly well, it feels pretty decent.

The left and right buttons actually feel surprisingly decent for the price, and while they’re a little loud. It’s not actually bad. About bottom of the mouse, another area where it really falls short in my opinion is going to be the feet of the mouse. They’re pretty small and just absolutely do not glide smoothly at all. In fact, it feels terrible and it actually feels like it’s scraping against my mouse pad

Logitech G203 | My Personal Best Mouse For Valorant

Best Overall Mouse

This Logitech’s Gaming Mouse just might be the best value for money that you can get for a gaming mouse. It uses an upgraded hero sensor and the g203 weighs about 85 grams. It’s a nice comfortable middle ground weight. And that’s good for a variety of different tasks like everyday computing, office type stuff and of course gaming.

The build quality is good especially at this cheap price. This mouse has also got a nice strong cable connection at the front. That doesn’t feel like it’s going to pull out or become loose over time.

What it lacks though, is any kind of grippy textures. The whole mouse is just a hard plastic but in general it doesn’t feel too slippery in the hand.

Redragon M908 Impact RGB LED MMO Mouse

Best MMO Gaming Mouse

It is meant for MMO style games. In terms of build quality the mouse is entirely made out of plastic. The top has a nice matte black finish, whilst the sides are made of gloss Plastic. Moreover, the cable is also braided which is always a nice bonus. The scroll wheel feels nice and the 12 programmable buttons on the side feel a bit mushy but are in a very comfortable position.

From my experience this gaming mouse is definitely made for people with bigger hands or a palm style grip. And this mouse made my whole playing experience much more enjoyable. The mouse itself weighs 130 grams, without the weights, with the weights ,the weight does go up to 167 grams.

However, it’s specially made for right-handed people and built for bigger hands. It has a laser sensor and the dpi can be changed anywhere from 200 to 12400 dpi.

Choosing The Best Mouse For Valorant Or Any FPS

Having a right gaming mouse for FPS games is like having the right shoes for a runner, or the right bat for a baseball player. It has to be a good fit and suitable with the playstyle of the player to perform well in games like Valorant, where aim and sensitivity along with the hearing is a large factor in determining the success. Feeling comfortable with the right mouse is almost necessary, if you want to maximize your potential. So, you want a mouse that fits your grip, style, sensitivity, preferences, and weight.

There’s a whole lot more considerations when picking gaming mouse that are objectively important. Such as Input DelayPoling RateSensitivity and some other necessary features that I covered in this article. Another important thing to consider in FPS games is your hearing, we have also made a list of Best Budget Gaming Headsets for you that you can check out.

However, An important thing to remember is that don’t think you’ll go from noob to pro in one day after getting the Best Valorant Mouse. Being good at gameplay is still very important but a good mouse could totally speed up your skills.


All of the above Gaming Peripherals are in use of GameHub’s CS-GO and Valorant Line-up. Our team uses the best gaming devices which are affordable and efficient for any game. But mouse only doesn’t complete your gaming setup, All PC components should be compatible with each other and take up space smartly on the table. From the custom Gaming PC Cases to the Best PRO Gaming Mouse, make sure you choose the PC parts after some research.

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