Best White PC Case For Gamers

Before 2010, the only purpose of PC casing was to protect the hardware components inside our computer. But with the evolving streaming community and hardcore PC enthusiasts battling for the Best Gaming PC Build, Visual appearance of the computer became the root of the Gaming Setup. RGB Looks good on any computer case but if you want to see something exotic, try it on a White PC Case. Our team has collected FIVE of the Best White PC Case available on the market by testing them personally and getting reviews from customers to provide you with all the details to choose from.

Top 5 Best Gaming PC Cases in White

The types and colors of PC cases are available with highs and lows in budgets, designs, and sizes but when it comes to being a gaming passionate person and keeping pace with the trends, the color white is gradually taking over the black and a White PC Cover Case with mesh style can even turn out to be the best for users who prefer a decent yet beast gaming pc.

ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 (White Edition)

ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 (White Edition)

  • Holds a captivating design, the front panel is made up of metal that offers customer TUF gaming splashed pattern, Glass is tempered which is 4mm in fine width and smoked look that represents the internal built and gives an appealing look. 
  • The woven cotton grip ensures safe and sound transport of around 30kg.
  • The cooling system is well-organized with three 120mm Aura Sinc RGB-illuminated fans. With this, one extra 140mm rear PWM fan. Not just this, it has up to seven fan-mounting points for ensuring better and smooth airflow so the system doesn’t heat up.
  • The placement of fan as well as cable is well adjusted for TUF Gaming gear, using the finest Fan Xpert 4 software 
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  • It owns a clean interior design, cable management 2. 0 with the availability of cable door covers. smart space utilization for your ease, comfort, and ultimate durability
  • Presence of Upgradable – USB 3. 1 Type C, HDD hot-swap which is a plus point
  • Access to components is 4 way so it’s much easy to reach them
  • On the front, a multi-way fan/radiator bracket is present: 1 x 360/280/240mm
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Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB White

Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB White

  • the style of it has a separate fanbase because it is designed in an incredibly versatile way and the white color makes it looks more elegant.  
  • The case has a white exterior with four tempered panels adding more to its brilliance. 
  • Availability of three Corsair RGB Elite fans on the very upfront helps in keeping the temperature-controlled and PC does not heat up.
  • The astounding display of LED-enhanced color when you turn on your system will make you flaunt it for sure.
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Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL (White)

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL (White)

  • It is a tremendous choice for showcasing builds as its case type is ATX Full tower.
  • While talking about the M/B Type, it stands on (35. 5cm x 35. 5cm)/ ATX/ Micro-AT which is highly admirable. 
  • The cooling capabilities of it are also brilliant and are known for their durability and keep the system invigorating.
  • It has been constructed well with hefty aluminum and also has plenty of internal space for multiple reasons and the tempered glass stays on the front to make it look more alluring.
  • The design is highly adaptable and captivating and holds modular design flexibility to make any kind of configuration.
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Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL (White)

Thermaltake Core P3 white

  • Thermaltake Core P3 offers open frame panoramic viewing, has tempered glass at the front which is 5mm thick
  • It allows a 3way placement layout that includes horizontal vertical as well as a wall mount
  • Also offers you vertical GPU mounting and additionally, one PCI E Riser cable exists.
  • Besides GPU mounting, PSU mounting is also offered in the vertical layout if you apply or add with it, the ITX motherboard
  • The racks as well as modular panels and brackets keep the system ground up.
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Buying Guide For White Gaming PC Case

Before choosing your pc case, there are few points that you must already be clear about and so we are providing you some details that will surely turn out to be your buying guide and will leave no room for any more confusion.


The foremost thing that you must be very clear about is the budget that you have planned and the proper selection of the system that aligns perfectly with your needs. This all should rest finely on the budget line that you have already decided, helping you save yourself from making an incorrect choice by investing extra bucks or by picking the low-quality product.


Don’t fall into the trap of trends to match someone else’s pace but pick the brand that you believe is quite satisfactory for you by digging much into the honest reviews of users that you know are already experienced buyers. Then, go ahead and pick the most reliable brand for yourself.

Be well aware of your required lengths and widths

You must be well aware of the area measurement where you are planning to place your white pc because not every pc case comes with the same size. Their lengths, widths, and designs vary according to their editions. Although, the power supply and the post-installation must also be kept in mind so can help yourself in making the correct decision.

Keep in mind your supplementary gadgets (additional equipment)

The hardware you that will be adding to your system will surely be needing space for itself even if they are fans or hard drives or additional LED lights and even the PC case of your favorite color, so asking the seller about the tools that lack in your system, it’s better if you already know about that so this will help you save your time and you will also have the pre-planned checklist that will assist you in buying additional hardware with your white pc case.

Explore the reviews of buyers

Experience speaks! So, before buying your white pc cover, it’s quite an adequate step to explore and ask people for their reviews and experiences regarding that pc case. This helps in making you invest in the right thing so, talk to people and ask for their recommendations.

Best White PC Cases (Detailed Reviews)

ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 (White Edition)

Asus Gaming Case
Recommended Because
  • Attractive built
  • Vast cooling capacity
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Capacious
Not Perfect Because
  • Showcasing can be concealed to some extent due to smoked glass
  • Handles do not align with the structure

This case is a clear surprise coming from ASUS because they usually don’t make a lot of cases. ASUS TUF is considered to be the best white pc case because it stands out not just by being a nice innovation by ASUS but by being a High-end case in general that you can actually go and buy for yourself. You might be wondering what makes it much better and unique than the rest so, we are bringing you ease by sharing all the details you take a decision.

The tempered glass is appealing and attractive, having a texted metal front, making it look more captivating. The 4mm tempered glass is easily removable because it helps you unscrew the screws with your hands, not needing any too, the glass got no holes for the screws as well which helps to make it tougher and much more secure. It does not end here actually. Moving forward to discussing and highlighting its aesthetics, it offers very fine connectivity for keyboards, mice, RAM Sticks, and the TUF alliance power supply. On the very top are the handles to grip around 30 KGs and are strengthening and secure. The best part about the handles is, they are easily flattened in case you don’t like them clinging out on the very top, even you can remove them if you want to get rid of them totally but that would be a little injustice because they look quite suitable and fine. As mentioned above, it has three RGB fans of 120mm and also has a controller which assists you in keeping hold of the RGB, and the RGB header can also be plugged you’re your motherboard. A magnetic dust filter is also present that keeps in internal of the system, dust-free and clean.

In nutshell, the airflow is suitable, accurate, and matches well with its size. It supports up to E-ATX motherboards and carries 3 2.5-inch internal SSD drive bays, two of which are at the backside of the motherboard. The interior and exterior, both are well built as the power button is bricked on the front, has 2 USB 3.0 ports, headphone as well as microphone jacks, space at the back for cable management, points for velcro straps, and zip ties are present too. Besides every specification and trait, the ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition is simply, one of the best choices you can make if you are willing to get your hands on the white cases. The rendition and resistance are long-lasting and the white build itself holds all the uniqueness so if you are planning to get the best white pc case, the ASUS TUF gaming GT51 white edition is highly recommended.


Best White Gaming Case
Recommended Because
  • Less expensive and more affordable
  • Enough cooling space
  • All-white makes it look enchanting
  • Three pre-installed 120mm fans
  • Powerful built adds to the quality
Not Perfect Because
  • Preinstalled fans are of low quality
  • Increase in cost due to optional extras
  • Airflow system is not up to the mark

Well, this is another right choice for you if you are looking forward to bringing into the house, the very versatile Best white pc case. There are numerous reasons which collectively make it stand on the top of the list. Talking about the build, it has flip panels as well as shrouds covering it, the hinged tempered glass panels stand tall along with two metallic shroud panels, turning the look more efficient and removing the necessity of having more screws. Out of so many plus points, another one is easy to access to hard drive installations due to the adjustment of flip power supply shrouds on both sides It offers you a cable management bar that is two-way and reversible that makes it more for people to add up an ATX/E-ATX motherboard. To hide the cables, cover plates are also added to the backside of the motherboard so no messy wiring would dull the look. It even can support overall 8 x 120mm fans, a 360mm radiator at the front, and a 240mm radiator at the top. The RGB front panel is toolless and by using C and M buttons from the top panel, the RGB light is easy to access and manually controlled by the user.

Talking about one of the high points of this PC case, the front fan/radiator tray plays all roles. If you are willing to reposition the tray or flip it or even remove it completely, it’s all in your hand and control and the best part is, fans can be installed according to your very own choice, at the back or in the front of the tray so this trait of it offers user, more flexibility for placing fan.

The whole appearance is captivating as already discussed but the lighting that transmits from the very front panel is too captivating and grabs all the attention it must be kept in mind that those LEDs are not coming out of fans, they are integrated into the panel that stays on the front so fans can be easily made to change their position and lights will not be affected at all which adds up into the pros of this case. The chassis and the spring-loaded pins play their part by connecting to the case finely. Conclusion by putting everything into consideration, the IAN LI LANCOOL 2 is a perfect selection if you are looking for a mid-range build that fits well due to its affordable price, enchanting design, and quality construction.

Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB White

Recommended Because
  • Presence of four panels makes it alluring
  • Three RGB LED fans helps enough in cooling
  • Strong build quality makes it durable
  • Three USB ports on the very front
Not Perfect Because
  • Makes it difficult to access 3.5 inches hard drive cage
  • Cabling and mounting PSU is hard because the drive cage is in the rear position
  • Cutout for airflow gets in way of routing cables

Bringing into light, the incredibly popular Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB White which is one of the newest additions. This elegant, all-rounder PC holds much more than you can hardly imagine of. Although it’s a little bigger than its 4000X version and still holds more space inside for far better cooling solutions, brings you much comfort and ease. The airflow passages are accurately adjusted and the four tempered glass panels make it look more satisfying, especially when the color is all white, can you spare a minute to imagine? It is a mid-tower PC case and allows you to fit Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards. Talking about the room for fans and radiators, it has it inside in bulk. The presence of custom cooling loops makes it worth it! It even allows you space for using the best graphics card of the present. The available colors are black and white, but white makes it look more satisfying and versatile. The case is solid, heavy, and made of steel. Pressure chips are used to hold the panel in its space 

There is enough space present for installing three 120mm fans, two 140mm fans, or a radiator measuring 280mm or 360mm. The top allows you with its USB ports that are two USB-A 3.0, USB-C 3.1, and 3.5mm audio. The power and reset buttons are fitted into the front.

While talking about the cooling system, there is one thing that must be kept into consideration you might need to add one more exhaust fan at the backside of the system to keep it in form and to pull air through. The triangular built of dust filters hold a special place because they align nicely with the lighting the fans are throwing out. This truly gives a mesmerizing look. Helping you get into the backside, a steel swing door is present behind the glass that intends to conceal and hide cabling, SSDs, HDDs, PSU, lighting nodes, and anything ‘extra’, and this is so amazingly built that you would never get the idea if something extra is hiding inside it. One more reason that makes it stay over the top is, the case supports vertical GPU installation as well so, this won’t be the case you will regret buying. There is no adjustment for gripping and the absence of handles would be making it questionable but the good part is, the smaller size of this case makes it enough portable, so that thing is avoidable. 

So, cutting it down, Corsair Icue 5000X RGB white can turn out to be your best pick if you are looking to buy the best white pc case for your house or gaming space.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

Recommended Because
  • Brilliant choice for exhibiting builds
  • Build well through strong aluminum so fewer chances of breakage
  • Offers a sufficient connectivity
  • Pre-eminent cooling capabilities
  • Attractive design
  • Enough room for customisation
Not Perfect Because
  • Fans are not pre-installed
  • Moving the case is very difficult as no lifting location is present at the bottom
  • Stock dust filters are not durable

While keeping Lian LI O11D XL in the flashlight, it’s one of the most popular cases since 2018 to date due to its style, ease of use, and reasonable price. These are a few of the most basic reasons why more people chose this as it fits accurately on their needs. It has one of the best-looking glass cases on the market and if you are keen on showing off the internals of your PC, then the white PC case definitely stands out, being the finest pick.

Another reason that makes it notable is that it has a greater room for radiators and fans as well so it won’t bring you headaches and won’t make you worried about keeping it cool and you can install them yourself. It’s a brilliant full case with a lot of hardware and offers customization too. Bringing the focus from the cooling system and hardware to the screwing issues, it basically holds two thumbscrews that are enough to remove hardware from the side, front, and top panel, so no extra or useless screwing is added. You might be wondering why just two? Because, those two screws are enough for its support as the design only relies on them, giving you another big reason to place your hands on Lian LI O11D XL White, because we all crave neatness.

Another thing that makes it more attractive is its two tempered glass panels along the side and front, although the one that stands on the front is partially glass with an aluminum plate that sticks around and is keeping the hold of USB slots as well as the power button, that is entirely kept in the partition by RGB strip. Now, bringing the focus on the size of the case, it is 23.75 x 23.3 x 15 inches and has the capacity and strength to stand every motherboard size, no matter if it is m-ATX or the mighty, E-ATX motherboards.

You might be wondering about the cable adjustments as well, so it offers you five basic portals that rest well inside durable and strong flaps built of rubber and this makes it work quite well. Another best part is, the bottom also allows you more aid by providing USB-C ports. So, it ends here? Well, no. Lian LI O11D XL White has also ports for hot-swapping HDDs, which works as a bigger assist to switch your storage whether inside or outside without having any need to turn off the system or opening it- a tremendous trait it holds that you must have fallen for. Stepping from connectivity to the way it has been built, its space, cooling system, and design, all make it stay on the top if you are looking for the best white pc case on the market.

Thermaltake Core P3 white

Thermal Take PC Case White

What’s stopping you now from deciding to get the best white pc cover. If there is something that’s still keeping you in doubt, we are introducing you to the finest of all, that sets a new benchmark in groundbreaking open frame chassis design, Thermaltake Core P3 (White/Snow edition). Core P3 TG supports the latest PC hardware, AIO, and DIY liquid cooling solutions, and the liquid cooling system, on the whole, is something terrific, built amazingly from the ground up to make PC customization more convenient and better for you and if you are willing to do your modifications on your own, this case can turn out to be one of the best choices you have made till now.

This is highly recommended and is considered to be one of the most unique cases introduced by the company in the last few years. It offers flexibility and open-air test bench applications, wall-mounted installation, and owns a standard upright mid-tower build. P3 follows up the core p5 which was a bigger version of this case and following this one was the core p1 that can be seen at CES, including the core p1 T g2. TG stands for tempered glass so there is an add-on that you can think of buying for this but, technically it shows up with its far better acrylic panels.

Besides this, it’s one of those cases that are a huge part of the new and upcoming trend of semi-modular design. Talking about cooler masters, they are the part of this design where they have their master box and master maker cases and some other products in that line. 

Specially designed brackets are present that help you show off your graphic card as well as power supply. It has all on you that how you need your system to be built because core P3, tempered glass has a riser cable for the users to completely decide and modify the system according to one’s own choice.

The open frame layout of P3 is tremendous not just because of its superb look but also because of its extra cooling which is never going to make you worried about overheating. With the strong and heavy build as well as thick tempered glass, Thermaltake core P3 is hands down, the correct option for users who are crazy about gaming and are passionate about customization. So, if you crave durability, flexibility, space, design, and too much control, this Iis the right PC case for you.


Out of innumerable options and alternatives, we intended to shrink it down, overcoming your doubts and second thoughts and helping you by bringing it down to the five best PC cases out of the rest. The ones we have introduced are accurate if you prioritize quality, ease, color, and design. They are hands-down the pc cases you surely won’t regret buying. Just make up your mind about the space, the additional hardware that you may feel like adding afterward, and the ports that you surely be needing in your system to make it feasible for you, and then, you are all set to make the perfect choice to bring home your favorite, best white pc case.

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