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Grand Theft Auto V is no doubt the most Popular AAA Game of all time with record breaking sales holding till date. More than 11 million copies of GTA 5 were sold in first 24 hours and it still holds the title of best selling video game. The reason behind its popularity even after 10 years of release is its community. And while having a massive online community, Grand Theft Auto also has one of the biggest active communities for GTA 5 modding.

Game modding tools for GTA V are made by unofficial game developers and artists in modding community. And there are thousands of mods on the internet with new mods coming regularly, which can completely change the way GTA V is played with never ending possibilities. Almost all of the mods are installed in same way using the tools explained in this guide.

GTA V Mods Tutorial

Modding GTA V is not difficult even if you’re a beginner. This tutorial will help you with the basic steps of getting your GTA V ready before installing mods from GTA5-Mods website and other modding communities. Modding GTA 5 is also possible on consoles but this guide is intended to work with the PC version of the game whether its on Steam or Epic Games. Make sure to update and do a backup before messing with the game files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t try to run the mods in online version of the game, doing so will get your account banned from the servers and there is no way to make it unban after this.

Following are the steps which need to be performed in their given order, do no skip any step and make sure to follow each step as it is explained in this guide and use the given links to download the latest version of tools from their official creators.

Mods Folder and Backup of GTA Files

First of all we will make sure the game is updated to the latest version. Then we will create a new folder in game directory to make a backup of GTA V so we can do all the modding stuff without risking the game. And to do this:

  • Go to the game folder => Grand Theft Auto V
  • Create a new folder and name it ‘mods‘
  • Now copy the folders ‘update’ and ‘x64′ along all the files with the extension ‘.rpf’ and paste them in the mods folder.

GTA 5 Mods

Installing OpenIV Modding tool

Open IV is a modding tool which supports almost all of the Rockstar’s AAA titles. It is a necessary tool to install scripts and mods easily in GTA 5. Follow these steps to install it safely.

  • Download the latest version of OPEN IV for GTA V => OpenIV Official Page
  • Follow the setup instructions and install it.
  • Run OpenIV and select Grand Theft Auto V from the given options.
  • Then it will ask for the game directory, Locate to the steam library and select the folder in which GTA V is installed.
  • OpenIV will verify the ‘GTA5.exe’ file, then the main interface of the tool will appear with the game’s directory opened.
  • Now go to Tools => ASI Manager and install all three options from there.

Upon clicking install on the first ASI box, a dialog apears asking to create a ‘mods’ folder to avoid the risk of editing original game files. But hopefully we won’t be seeing that because we have already made the mods folder in the first step

  • From the menu, go to the Tools => Options => General Tab and set the default work mode from read only to edit and close it. You can also do this by clicking on the Edit mode button on the address bar.

Installing ScriptHoook V (GTA V Mod Menu)

Script hook V is the utility for GTA V that allows us to run different scripts including Native Trainer and Addon Mods. Follow these steps after completing the 2nd step.

  • Click on the links to download the latest version
    Link-1 => ScriptHook V
    Link-2 => ScriptHook V Dot NET
  • After downloading both.
  • Extract the contents of the zip file.
  • Copy the files from bin folder of ScriptHook V to GTA 5 game directory.
  • And copy the files from Script Hook V dot net to the game directory also.

Modding GTA V

Now run GTA V and check the Native Trainer we just installed with the following keys.

  • F4 – Activate
  • NUM2/4/8/6 – Navigate the menu.
  • NUM5 – Select
  • NUM0/BackSpace/F4 – Back
  • NUM9/3 – Vehicle Boost
  • NUM+ – Vehicle Action/Fire

That is the basic mod setup for GTA 5, you can do anything with this MOD MENU installed, If you want to add custom car mods then just download the files and install it with OpenIV by using the package installer below ASI Manager. And read the instructions that comes with the Mod to avoid any compatibilty issue.

CAUTION: Installing too much Mods or using Scripts of the same nature can cause the game to crash.

Issues After Installing Mods

With great modifications, comes great risks. So when installing different mods, you have to be careful if you want to make it work and compatible to every mod you install on your game. Below are some common questions you might need answers for after modding.

How To Fix Fatal Error Of GTA 5?

This is one of the most common issue that can arise after some time of using mods. This happens when you have recently updated the game with mods installed on it. The solution is to use only the mods which are compatible with your current game version and remove the other mods until they are updated to work on the latest version of GTA 5. Also, some mods do not work with the previous version of the game so make sure to stay updated.

How To Fix Script Hook V Critical Error?

Fastest solution for this error is to go to the official Script-Hook V developer site and see the supported patches versions. The link for the Script-Hook V website is: ‘’

If your game version is newer than the patched version then you’d have to wait for the developer to update the script hook v. And when it get updated, you can simply download it and replace the files in you game directory with the newer patched files and everything will be back to normal and modded.

How To Fix RockStar Launcher Error?

Social Club Not Connecting

If you are getting the error about unable to fallback to offline sign-in in social launcher when launching the offline version of the game. Then check your internet connection. You need to be online at least once even if you are starting the game offline so Rockstar Launcher can check and update to the latest version and save your profile for offline play.
Playing in GTA-Online mode is forbidden when any mod is installed, that doesn’t mean you should disconnect from internet because playing GTA 5 story-mode also needs you to be connected to internet and logged in to Social Club to run your game smoothly.

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